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Most of us still dream practical, down to earth, old fashioned dreams. And I’d place a bet that not many people, if any, dream about their credentials being stolen.  Almost all of my memories from the last 15 years or so  are stored digitally. The majority of my day to day activity is managed online. My online persona is almost identical to my physical one.  


I imagine that  many of you are in the same situation. So why don't I dream about my life be taken over, cyberly erased, encrypted or my liberty compromised? Not to mention, why am I not overly concerned about my financial assets being managed online? While in university,  I learned that repression is the key to coping with bad things we don’t want to think about. We know we all going to die sometime and repression helps us deal with it. A bit dramatic? Perhaps. You could also quote Thomas Gray and say  “Ignorance is Bliss”-- or, what you don’t know cannot hurt you.

Unfortunately, credential theft is very real and can be quite costly to the victim. I believe that we need to starting thinking about our digital life much like we think about our physical life.  In our physical life, we know how to avoid risky and dangerous situations and we know there are actions we can take to improve the quality and length of our life. For example, to stay healthy we need to regularly exercise, eat right, sleep well, watch our diet and take vitamins.

With our digital lives now so intertwined with our physical one, I think it’s time we look at what we need to regularly do in the digital world to stay healthy. To do this, Im starting this blogsite to help users live a joyful digital life .

In coming years we will live in the world with a day of 48 hours. 24 hours of physical life and 24 hours of virtual digital life. most of our tasks in physical life today like managing agenda, doing groceries and laundry, planning vacation etc will be taken over by range of service providers and at a later stage by one trusted service provider who will integrate most of life services and offer to its users  as one stop shop .  which also mean we give away all our date  to all and later all our data to one or more.

it is highly important to may be wise to learn dos and donts very early on to live a peaceful , secured and joyful digital life. 

I  would like to welcome all the users to share your wise thoughts on this page in this context.

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